Live at sports events

dpa-SportsLive combines results, statistics, team overviews, photos and curated social media content with the news expertise of dpa. Whether football or cycling, Olympic Games or World and European Championships - the live ticker provides up-to-date reports on major sporting events.

Live Graphics

The visualization of data is the main focus of dpa-SportsLive. Schedules, results, statistics and live tables of major sporting events, but also ongoing league competitions are processed in both small data widgets and comprehensive live centres.

This allows you to remain flexible in the editorial application: The widgets can be quickly embedded as graphic elements in web articles or used as teasers, for example on the front page. You can anchor the Live Center with permanent links at a fixed location on the website.

All widgets are customizable in shape, color and font. They are optimized for both desktop websites and mobile devices.

Live report (live ticker)

In addition, you will receive live editorial reports on many leagues or events. The tickers are written by our own commentators. They contain the most important moves, emotional situations, photos and social media postings of athletes, fans and celebrities. The tickers can also be used separately as a widget. They are also part of the comprehensive Live-Center.

Deployment: data feeds and hosted widgets

Hosting at dpa

You can include graphics that are hosted by dpa. You configure your individual embed code via a setup page. The configurator allows you to use your own IVW pixels or Google Analytics codes. This is intuitive, fast, and you save internal technical effort. Further information: Links. 

Access to data feeds

If you want to develop the visualization yourself, you can directly use our data feeds.

Transmission via ftp

If you wish the transmission of the complete data packages (feeds and apps) via ftp, this is also possible. Further information: link.

Key facts at one look

  • Live ticker, statistics, photos and social media posts
  • Simple integration
  • Free design
  • Responsive design
  • Tracking
  • Integration of banners and logos of your advertising customers

Overview of all data graphics in our showcase

Just take a look at the offer: In our Showcase we list all events and leagues and the corresponding widgets.