dpa ElectionsLive and dpa-SportsLive are modularly constructed: Whether surveys, gains and losses, distribution of seats, constituency maps or charts, results, live-blogs - there is a widget for each type of result. All widgets and their graphic elements can be easily incorporated into web articles, or can serve as landing pages for the respective event. They are highly suitable to act as teasers on the front page, to refer to pages specifically dedicated to sporting events or elections.


All widgets can be adjusted in regard to shape, colour, and font. They are optimised for desktop websites as well as mobile devices, and can be integrated into apps.


The setup page

The widget configuration is done via a setup page, which you will gain access to after ordering from the dpa shop, or receive from us.

On the setup page you can change various settings and generate your own embed code. This code is integrated into an article or page within the CMS, which can then be published. The widget will be displayed on your website. Please note that some settings are not available for all products.

Language selection

Use the flag icons to select the language. The language of the setup page can be adjusted by clicking on the flags above (German or English). If a widget is provided in multiple languages, the corresponding flags can be found further below. They are used to set the language of the widget.

Widget selection

Depending on the product line (SportsLive, ElectionsLive, web graphics, web gallery, etc.), each widget can be selected on the setup page (dropdown). Select the widget you wish to configure.


Next, select how you wish to incorporate the widget. Depending on the product, you have up to four options to choose from:

  • iframe, automatic height adjustment (default): The height of the iframe is automatically set to the height of its content via the script dpa.js. After incorporating it into your website, no further adjustments are required. Please switch on the option require if you are working with the Javascript library require.js on your website and enter the name of your require-entity. 

  • iframe, fixed height: If your CMS does not allow the incorporation of scripts or you cannot or do not choose to integrate third-party scripts, a simple iframe is offered here.

  • URL without embed code: If iframes for external content are already created by your CMS, you will receive the blank link to the widget here.

  • AMP-iframe: Here we have prepared the script that can be used to embed the widget on an AMP website.                                                                                                                    Please note: AMP is a third-party source that is not yet fully developed. For information on its use and performance, please contact AMP directly (https://amp.dev/documentation/components/amp-iframe/).


Show widgets with test data (ElectionsLive only)

Here the widgets can be displayed with test data. You will generally only find complete test data after the first election simulation. Feel free to contact us if you require data for testing.


By default, our widgets are displayed at 100% width in order to adapt to different devices. However, it is possible to manually adjust the width here. Percentage and pixel values can be specified: 80% | 350px

Automatic updates

For products containing live data, such as ElectionsLive or SportsLive, the automatic update frequency can be adjusted. Depending on the product, an interval of 30 to 60 seconds is preset. To turn off automatic updates, enter 0 here.

Result type (ElectionsLive only)

Here you define whether to automatically switch from poll numbers to election results on election night.

  • auto (default): Widgets show poll numbers and are automatically set to live 15 minutes before the first results are expected (at 5.45 pm for German elections). They then show "No results available yet", before incorporating first results from approximately 6 pm (depending on the election).

  • poll: Widgets only show poll numbers, they do not automatically switch to live.

  • live: Widgets do not show poll numbers, instead they show "No results available yet" until the first results come in.

AutoResetTime (ElectionsLive only)

How many minutes before the first "live" result do you want the widget to stop showing poll numbers? The default setting is 15 minutes. If you want poll numbers to be displayed until the first live results are available, enter 0. This only applies if the result type is set to "auto".

Number of displayed bars (ElectionsLive only)

Here you can control how the bar graphs are displayed. You can choose between three settings:

  • automatic (default): The number of bars is automatically adjusted according to the available space. Figures of the remaining parties are calculated in "other".

  • all: All parties are displayed. If there is not enough space, a horizontal scroll bar appears.

  • fixed number: Depending on the available space, a scroll bar may also appear. If there are more bars than specified, the remaining parties will be calculated in "other". Enter the desired number in the box.

Show "other" (ElectionsLive only - bar graphs)

If you do not wish to display the "other" parties, e.g. because you would prefer to use the space to display the numbers of one additional party, please remove the tick here.

Basis for calculating gains and losses

Here you can select whether the parties' gains and losses in the polls are to be calculated on the basis of the last election result (default) or the previous poll (if available).

IVW-Pixel/Google Analytics 

Here you can enter the data for your IVW-Pixel. If you are distinguishing between desktop and mobile pages, you can also enter the data for the mobile IVW object.


If you are using Google Analytics, simply enter your tracking ID in the box provided. You will find the view count of our widgets in your Google Analytics account under "page views" or "page impressions".

If I create a new page, do I have to incorporate a new IVW code?

Yes. Because the application is situated in an iframe, there is no direct access to the code located on the parent page.

When I fill in the boxes, do I have to use the data that I use for my own IVW-Pixel?

Yes. In addition, you have to enter our domain and a sample link (both can be found on the setup page) into the local list at IVW. Otherwise the views in the application will not be counted. 


Are views and dwell time within iframes counted if I embed my own ID?


FAQ ElectionsLive

Which colour is ascribed to which party, how can this be adjusted?

The colours linked to the respective parties are already prepared in style.css, which you can download on the setup page under "colours / fonts". Uncomment them, change them according to your wishes and follow the instructions in order to incorporate your own CSS file.


In which order are the parties displayed, how can this be adjusted?

The parties are positioned according to their results, ranking from highest to lowest. However, the order can be adjusted as well (e.g. according to the result of the last election), please get in contact.

Can I start the constituency map with strongholds of a certain party?

Yes, via deeplink, see ReadMe.