FACTS: US Elections

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for choosing our US elections widgets. Below, we have compiled information about their use, which we will update over the course of the election year.

Update 04/05/2020
II. Presidential and congressional election: Campaign – surveys

Since May 4th it is possible for you to generate your embed codes for further widgets on your setup page. This new package includes widgets with the following content on the presidential and congressional election:

  • Presidential election – Bar chart visualising the total distribution of electors 
  • Presidential election – Combination of total electors and electors by state, visualised by US state map and list, also available as single elements
  • Presidential election – total votes (percentages); survey “If the election were held today, who would you vote for”
  • Congressional election – distribution of seats in the House of Representatives
  • Congressional election – distribution of seats in the Senate

On your setup page you can generate your embed codes.
 If you are supplied via FTP, your customisation directory my_pw_us.zip was updated as well as the ReadMe file.

 1) Important editorial points:

  • For the surveys we use a) 270toWin or b) RealClearPolitics as sources. Both sources aggregate various surveys to calculate their own numbers. This tends to be more accurate than the numbers of individual institutes.
  • The polls are updated according to US sources, congressional elections no more than once a week, presidential elections twice a week.
  • Please note the electoral system when using the widgets: The number of electors in the electoral college is the decisive factor, not the total number of public votes.
  • On election day the widgets automatically change from survey results to actual results. Here we will use the fastest sources in CNN, NBC, The New York Times.

2) Test:

  • The survey results are up to date. Test data with fictitious election results is also available, this can be displayed via the setup page under "settings" and "show widgets with test data". 
  • If you are supplied via FTP, you can retrieve the test data by accessing the widgets via sitemap-test.html in the customisation directory my_pw_us.zip. This is found in the directory pw_us on your server.


3) Overwiew of widgets and content:

Presidential election – Total distribution of electors
- Total electoral votes according to surveys and results
- Information on electors and the electoral system
- mobile version without portraits
- Survey results summarize state trends
- automatically changes from surveys to results on election day (configurable)

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_w5Mk7MdS7YpFgvCuhceWRmFYrF-0jUbjLcQUGZm5hIUnxRcx7IY8B-NTWa5lxQ3lYe37CEBxwPbZbA26ygMOIcPZULnrumUiO4geE5KAfqMqZ-lu-ukNalFV8AjvyY_g-GZAtvhYS8 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/9o_ozI5z-w1kmLDdp1J7t11GxWNzaAptrY3F82x2nMq09nafXrkEkEhUoXKcN6JEFAZnc2-NIFdxLY2Gf0MC5WixDhNegPRRaqita4R3AkhxxKFLH41f-GpMjyyI5gPtuvTLNkRnd80



Presidential election – Combination electors in total+state map+list 
- Distribution of electoral votes in total (surveys and results)
- Distribution of electoral votes by state (surveys and results), visualised in US map and state list, further details can be viewed by clicking on map/list
- Approval rate by state (percentage)
- Latest poll update by state
- 2016 winner by state
- Information on electors and the electoral system
- Survey results summarize the state trends - automatically changes from surveys to results on election day (configurable)

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/RBrzJZpGZ8_5UWDOOlN2D-JcPplu1c6UrrEwkrqaZuFtBWWQpF-2V9fRMkSYwf_uNpXNcDxfx5ar3C5-NntoXq1OTLCfHwuzEFMeIY4FqCTn-RuWkgIqk6CeKPXRnU6CO33gv8Vc7mQ https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/TjG2iz6iBzwAUaElVcDnZJFqTgiKG3YqFak3yWVcFCQ4axPY99KRP3fLqOu9DolmrH73la3MGhtQkKypHWufXRXikBvu6CZINIVa7_NOWtSkmNvUou0ozlKHGgdIMb9gQgnwxQHAMBo


Presidential election –  Combination electors in total+state map

 - As seen above but without state list

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/YLpDIAl2QrrIBKvSt4Rr_3-TW2R9g9U22xRIKc-5FLIpcOwvCBgt01xEK708dZy57hCvVMC-p0gd5dkoBGkukDgy4BBgfS1vlrNCMHQ4ExX8WvyRmr1PzAQiS69OAEQSSBz2Rbh6yfw  https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/hMCRbiGOQCWx0f4aa9tAzQRIH1KyKXpbXTmvIiQtBeTx0-_40zq_AqDMjHnelNdiWI9_7zXIDTmUOgXbvjnxFb6AVC-ydLtro166N60mVFrun_6Qoe9vsXc9XUYQ1gJjQnMUH9eg05s


Presidential election – Combination electors in total+state list

 - As seen above, including state list but without map

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/kVYWXPM9u41KraTeea6smhCe4VKdDTQeOvfjvxlMJMY5S0Gw6T17ff_NcBgE6MjuuHvVwt6EDiCPLcxAtWZ_sxpmnoXK7geUC-QYvUxIsoPnuiomzqbhXZdQlUdwjBmY6WoJt6fys5k https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/zeGy5q2b4eMegBEUQWF7Nn41kN-BLisHJ7_akXKY-IcF_vEmGjslixY3KqdvEkZrF_xAPJoBpX2Pz68iQ56wZSGqWVXgzDQPbU2CE2ANVvwoPR663pkYMAi-OYtzUVvL2IEkq11ZBdQ



Presidential election – Electors by state, map only

- Electoral votes by state (surveys and results)
- Approval rate by state (percentage)
- 2016 winner by state
- Live polls for each state
 - Information on electors and the electoral system

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/P9NqOdS-M8S7wkelvHhXZrybcKe7tdX9Z3zdMcQ9KvO1hWaE4Coqd8MCfpQiJp0fBX8LzHfIjS17ISjQcei67oivVopg8NmfQx28x5cmeHyOIKD068FFG0fIQZnw9-IynycZxQvegQo https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/HGGeEAKPlneK1VxviZenWFCVOMNmDAMQiCqUcbsAGxc0uhubTEyrbdctfiRK_IT7HWtGtmGg6Hjy9JmR_yrPlAaMUvcebRKQNI35jChnPTBpL8-OnZhSPqBLRr4SEUYtQG-pb9quHvw


Presidential election – total vote percentage
 [Surveys = “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?”]

- Surveys: Approval rate (percentage)
- after the election: Total vote percentages
Information on electoral system, electoral vote vs. popular vote

- mobile version without portraits
- Due to the nature of the electoral system, the vote percentages can contradict the overall outcome of the election

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_9wMXn-k-RI7gsQAep0fz0-Fa2MWhlkQlo-T3t57UfKrgai8N2BK6mqHupo234jqHqPTeRmopSqSLIb1Qq4twVVKE2LTu-AKyj0IcoN3s8AnhUoulvRLa0eDFHyIAewH9QCcKGB9z4Q https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/BA1UCLOWuI2ZPx4Qq7tn5Qw1gve5M20kWEuKDYCxBcYNm1QtfMgkGTzRkqXFf6ynRUmt8vB_ogRws7PvC1O0gyLipw91QGOfZjT3ohzO5vsbf8Ja8qbrbuJ75EgldQi4ic98A4gYRSw



Congressional election – House of Representatives
 Congressional election – Senate

- Allocation of seats according to surveys and election result; no percentages
- Starting point/update distribution of seats prior to election
 - Information on the composition of the chambers and the electoral system

 - Limited to a current representation of the seat distribution due to the majority voting system, percentages of votes are not reflective of the balance of power within the chambers.


 Update FACTS US election 21.02.2020

Primaries: Publication times of results
 Results of the preliminary elections will be published from 1 hour after polling stations have been closed and as soon as a 50% count has been reached; at the latest by 5.00 a.m. CET if the count is under 50%. Subsequently, they are continuously updated.

Please note that time and content (percentage of votes, delegate votes won) can vary heavily from state to state depending on the elections’ procedure.

(On Election Day, November 3, we will update directly and permanently LIVE).

Primaries: Dropped out candidates
 Candidates who dropped out of the primary race without winning any delegate vote remain visible in the "Intermediate Status/Current Status" widget - including their date of drop-out - until the following primary election. So this piece of information is not vanished directly. Their achieved results remain permanently visible in the widget "Dates & Results".

Yang, Patrick and Bennet dropped out of the race after the primary in Iowa on February 11th, but still competed there. Their Iowa results remain visible in the widget "Dates & Results" on 11/02/2020.
 As they didn't run in the following primary in New Hampshire on Febraury 22nd they disappeared from the widget "Current status - Democrats" with this election day.

If you want to display all candidates who have left the race in the widget "Current status - Democrats/Republicans", you can do so by using the variable "keepdropouts=true" attached to the URL.

 Update: 30.01.2020

1) Main editorial points in advance:

  • Not all of the dates of the two parties in each state will be are set by the end of the primary on June 7 right now. Officially, preliminary dates are still available for some elections. We monitor and maintain these on a daily basis.

  • The Republicans have announced that they will forgo voting in seven states yet/so far and attribute their delegate votes directly to incumbent Donald Trump. This may also increase during the course of the primary elections. In the widget "Dates & Results" these are and will be marked.

  • For polls we use the source RealClearPolitics. This source aggregates different polls and calculates its own value. In case of doubt, this value is more accurate than that of individual institutes. For results we use the fastest publication. Possible sources for surveys, candidates, election dates, delegate votes, results: RealClearPolitics, Ballotpedia, 270towin, TheGreenPapers, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC

  • Usually the polling stations close during the European night. How quickly the count takes place varies from state to state. We send the results as soon as possible as soon as results or preliminary results (no exit polls/forecasts) are published.

2) Testing:

  • Test data is available with fictitious pre-election results for February. These can be displayed for you via your setup page under "Settings" and the "Widgets with test data" check box.

Our offer covers the elections in the US and is divided into three phases.


I. Primaries: February 3 to June 7

  • Democrats: Polls among Democrats about candidate preference
  • Democrats: Current number of delegate votes won
  • Republicans: Polls among Republicans about candidate preference
  • Republicans: Current number of delegate votes won

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png mceclip2.png mceclip3.png

Content up to February 3: Current poll values within the parties; brief explanation of the primary system
From February 3: A ranking with bars is created. Candidates collect additional delegate votes after each primary election.
Updates: Delegate votes after each primary, weekly poll results (Source: RealClearPolitics)

  • Democratic and Republican primaries: All dates & results


Content until February 3: Primary dates and number of delegate votes to be allocated per state and party.
Sortable by date and party: When are particularly important primary dates? Brief explanation of the primary system
From February 3: Expanded results

  • Progress in the Democratic and Republican primaries


Content up to February 3: No live data, only total number of delegate votes, total number of election days; brief explanation of the primary system.
From February 3: Number of delegates from Democratic and Republican parties elected to date; number of primaries completed; The pie chart is filled: How far have the primaries advanced?
 Updates: After each primary

  • Primary: Which Democrats have which chances against Trump?


Content before and after February 3: “Sunday poll” of electable top Democrats against the incumbent; information about graphics and data
 Updates: weekly (Source: RealClearPolitics)



II. After the primaries, before the election: Election campaign - polls

From April 15, you can generate your embed codes for further widgets on the same set-up page. This new package includes widgets with the following content:

  • Polls: Democratic candidate vs. Republican candidate (Trump)
  • Polls: States as a map and as a list
  • Polls: Congressional elections (Senate + House)

III. Election Day: November 3

From April 15, you can generate your embed codes for further widgets on the same set-up page. This new package includes widgets with the following content:

  • Survey values are updated with live results


Further questions?

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