Live graphics for important political elections

Whether it is a federal election, a state election or a vote in Europe - dpa provides graphics with visualised data for important political elections. Use the current polls, forecasts, projections and other election results in the live graphics on your websites, in apps or on screens.

All widgets can be quickly embedded as graphic elements in web articles or anchored as a live center at a fixed location on the website. They are ideal as teaser elements on the home page to link to special election pages.

All widgets are customizable in shape, color and font. They are optimized for both desktop websites and mobile devices

Survey results for most elections are available in advance. When the polling stations close, the forecasts and later results are published.

Preview and order

The modules for each choice are published in the dpa shop and can be viewed there:

Elections in the dpa-Shop (Link).

Interested parties can also order the products there and use them immediately.

Hosting at dpa  

The graphics that you order and pick up in the shop are also hosted by dpa. You will receive a link to a setup page where you can configure an embed code. The configurator allows the integration of IVW pixels or Google Analytics. This is intuitive, fast, and you save time and technical effort.

Access to data feeds

If you want to develop the visualization yourself, you can directly use our data feeds.

Product flyer

A flyer can be downloaded in the attachment.