For which end devices are the graphics suitable?

Each graphic reacts responsively and can therefore be used on all devices.

  •     The dpa web graphics are available in two formats: a landscape and a portrait variant, whereby the landscape variant is optimised for use in a desktop browser, the portrait variant for viewing on smartphones. The graphics automatically adjust to the width of the surrounding iFrame.
  • The web galleries (isotopics) change in column width depending on the display width: minimum one column, maximum four columns.

How do I integrate the interactive graphics?

All interactive graphics are hosted by dpa and can be embedded in a web article or website via embed codes.

You will receive a link to a setup page for each graphic. Here you can generate the embed link for your page (including tracking information for IVW and Google Analytics).

the Setup-page

  (Screenshot of the Setup-page.)

For each graphic (and also for each live blog of dpa-Live) there is a setup page whose functions are explained on the page itself.

Size, tracking, type of integration and much more can be adjusted.

Are there any technical requirements?

No. The graphics are HTML/Javascript/CSS constructs. All common browsers are supported (IE from version 9)

Can I adapt dpa graphics to my design?

Adjustments are possible when using colors and fonts. The latter requires a separate check with regard to feasibility. If you are interested in an adaptation, please contact us, for example via "Submit request" at the top of this website.