The Setup Page

The widgets are configured via a setup page, which you can access after placing your order in the dpa shop or which you will receive from us.

There you can make various settings and then generate your own embed code. You integrate this code into an article or page in your CMS and publish it. The graphic widget will then be displayed on your website.

Language selection

Use the flag symbols to select the language. The selection affects the language of both the setup page and the widget.

Selection of the widget

Depending on the product line (SportsLive, ElectionsLive, Web Graphics, Web Gallery ...) the setup page first contains a drop-down menu for the specific wigdet. Please select the widget you want to configure.  


Then select the type of integration.

1. iframe with automatic height adjustment: xxx

2. iframe with fixed height: xxx

3rd DOM: xxx

Please activate the Require option if you work with the Javascript library Require.JS on your website and enter the name of your require instance.


The data for your IVW counting pixel is entered there. You can also enter a Google Analytics code. You can find further information about the integration of the IVW pixel here (link).

Colours and fonts

You can host the CSS file (style.css) yourself. To do so, please enter the path to your CSS file here. Under this point you will also find a template of a CSS file for download.

By default we use the font "Roboto". You can use your own font by activating the option "embed own font" here and specify it in the CSS file (style.css). By activating this option, our font with all its cuts will not be loaded.

Header / Footer

Select whether headers and footers should be displayed.

You can also use "Widget link" in the footer to specify to which other page (topic pages etc.) the widget should link. This way you can use it as a teaser.


Among other things, you configure the width in the settings. In most cases, 100% is specified here to achieve an optimal display on mobile devices.

For ElectionsLive: Result type. Here you define whether the system should automatically switch from poll results to election results on election evening.

For ElectionsLive: AutoResetTime. How many minutes before the first "live" results, should the widget no longer display polls? The default setting is 15 minutes. If you want poll results to be displayed directly until the first live result, enter a 0.