On the setup page, which you will receive after ordering in the dpa shop or directly from us, you can make various settings for the dpa embeds you use. Information about all possible settings, beyond the IVW integration, can be found here (link).

Among other things, you can control your IVW counting pixel or integrate a code for Google Analytics.

Example of a setup page: The setting is made via the "Setup Tracking" item

If I create a new page, do I have to include a new IVW code there?

Yes, because the application is in an iFrame, it has no access to the code on the parent page.

If I fill in the fields, do I have to use my own data that I also use for my IVW pixel?

Yes, you have to add our domain and an example link (both are also on the setup page) to the IVW locallist, otherwise the clicks in the application will not be counted.

Are clicks and dwell time within the iFrames also counted if I include my own ID?