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thank you for choosing our widgets on the US elections. Here we are compiling information for their use, which we will update as the election year progresses.

The US election widget package is divided into three phases: Primaries, after the Primaries, Election day.


I. Primaries: January 15th to June 08th

II. After the primaries, before the election: Election campaign - Polls

III. Election day: November 5th

IV: ElectionData - API

I. Primaries: January 15th to June 08th

Updates: Delegate votes after each primary, poll numbers approximately weekly (Source: RealClearPolitics)


Since 12.03.2024: Presidential Election - Polls: Biden - Trump/Result Distribution of Percentages

Title: If the election were held today, who would you vote for?
Source: RealClearPolitics

Republicans - Primaries - Poll among Republicans: Polls among Republican supporters

Candidates who have dropped out are greyed out and given a drop-out date, with more recent polls the drop-outs disappear from the display.

Democrats - Primaries - Poll among Democrats: Polls among Democratic supporters

Republicans - Primaries - Current status - REP: Current status of delegate votes won

As of 15 January: A ranking with bars is shown. Candidates accumulate more delegate votes after each primary. Candidates who have dropped out are greyed out and given a drop-out date.

Democrats - Primaries - Current status - DEM: Current status of delegate votes won

Democrats and Republicans - Primaries - Dates and results: all dates & results

Until 15 January: Primary election dates and number of delegate votes to be awarded per state and party. Sortable by date and party: When are particularly important pre-election dates? Brief information on the pre-election system. 

From 15 January: Results with percentage of votes received and delegate votes won.

Withdrawn candidates: Exit date will be added

Primary elections: Publication times of the results

In light of the current results, our pre-election widgets will be updated three times a day as standard from now on (in the morning before 9.00 a.m., at midday and in the evening).  

On days when a comparatively large number of delegates are elected, the update will take place as usual close to the time of publication by our source, but in any case before 8.00 am. This applies to the primaries March 12th, March 19th and April 2nd.

Primaries: Withdrawn candidates

Candidates who have dropped out are greyed out in the "Polls" and "Midterm results" widgets during the primaries and a drop-out date is added. Results achieved remain permanently visible in the "Dates & Results" widget.

If you do NOT want to display the dropped out candidates in the widget Primaries - Current status - DEM/REP or Primaries - Poll among DEM/REPthis is done via the variable "hideDropouts=true" appended to the URL.

Editorial notes

  • Not all primary election dates for both parties in each state are definitively set. Officially, some elections still have provisional dates. We regularly monitor and update these.

  • In some states, Democrats and Republicans choose their delegates on the same day, while in others, these elections take place on different dates.

  • For polls, we rely on the source RealClearPolitics. This aggregates various polls and calculates averaged values. These are, in case of doubt, more accurate than the values of individual institutes.

  • Most polling stations close during the European night. The speed of the counting varies from state to state. A reliable prediction of the timing for this is not feasible.

  • For the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire, Joe Biden was not on the ballot but could still be elected as a so-called "Write-In" candidate. In the primary on January 24 Joe Biden received the most votes. However, due to discrepancies between the Democratic Party in New Hampshire and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the delegates of this state will not be allocated to any candidate for the time being.

  • In Colorado and Maine, former President Donald Trump was removed from the primary ballots. A possible reversal of this decision by the Supreme Court of the USA (Colorado) or the State Supreme Court of Maine is still pending.

  • In Iowa, although a “presidential caucus” of the Democrats took place on January 15, the party members can actually cast their vote by mail from January 12 to March 5.

  • In addition to the primaries in the 50 US states, primaries also take place in the United States' territories: the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico.

  • Only the Democrats have an additional primary for party members abroad (Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary, March 5-12).

II. After the primaries, before the election: Election campaign - Polls

On the same setup page, you can generate your embed codes for additional widgets. This package includes widgets with the following content:

Presidential Election - Polls: Distribution of Electors/Percentages

Presidential Election - Polls: States - Total, Map and List

III. Election day: November 5th

No new embed codes are necessary, the polls in the widgets from II. will be replaced by live results.

Presidential Election - Results: Distribution of Electors/Percentages

Presidential Election - Results: States - Total, Map and List

Congressional Election - Results: House/Senate

IV: ElectionData - API

In addition to the delivery of the polls and results in our graphic widgets, all data on the US presidential election can also be used via API. 

Detailed information on this can be found in this document:

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